Clear braces correct teeth without making patients self-conscious, and newer designs are as effective as metal braces for nearly all types of bite irregularities. Before making this investment, patients are sure to ask an important question: How much do clear braces cost? Like any orthodontic treatment, costs vary, but certain individual factors always come into play.


Factors in the Cost of Clear Braces


How much do clear braces cost? Clear braces can vary in price significantly, with the most important factor being the degree of bite correction needed. More severe bite irregularities require a larger number of aligners, resulting in increased expenses for materials. This also requires a greater number of visits to our orthodontist, which raises the cost of treatment accordingly. Finally, the need for additional orthodontic treatments alongside clear braces will increase the total cost of correction.


How Clear Braces Pay for Themselves


Clear braces give patients lifelong benefits in terms of appearance, comfort and overall health. With a better-looking smile, patients often have more self-confidence in their interactions with others. Teeth that fit together properly are also more comfortable for chewing and speaking and are less likely to cause or contribute to painful jaw disorders. Finally, risks of tooth decay, gum disease and digestive problems are all reduced by the correction offered by clear braces.


So, how much do clear braces cost? Individual factors are involved in the price, making a consultation with our orthodontist essential for a detailed explanation of expenses. Patients can schedule a personal consultation by contacting our dental office.