Braces are a lifetime investment for patients of all ages, offering not only aesthetic improvements but also greater oral health and protection from jaw problems. As patients consider these benefits for their own teeth, they are likely to ask themselves an important question: How much do braces cost? This varies based on several factors, which are discussed below along with the benefits of braces.


How the Cost of Braces Is Calculated


How much do braces cost? The cost of braces is determined based on several individual factors, but the degree of correction necessary is the most important. Treating more severe bite irregularities requires longer treatment time, additional appointments and possibly multiple orthodontic appliances. Some patients may also require procedures before they can receive braces, increasing the total cost as a result. Finally, the type of braces chosen by patients is a factor in the cost of orthodontic treatment.


How Braces Justify Their Cost


Braces are a worthwhile investment for a number of reasons. With improved appearance, patients are likely to have more self-confidence in many areas of life. Tooth decay, gum disease and jaw joint disorders are all less likely to occur when teeth fit together properly. In these ways, patients save time, stress and money by getting braces.


The advantages of braces make them a powerful investment for many patients. Still, how much do braces cost? As mentioned above, this can depend on multiple factors. However, patients can learn more about the cost of treatment by scheduling a consultation with our orthodontist.