Braces offer lifelong improvements in terms of appearance, functionality and health. A wide variety of options are available for many patients who visit our orthodontist, making treatment more convenient and flexible. Still, how much are braces? A number of factors affect how much orthodontic treatment costs, and an examination of these factors can simplify the process of deciding whether to pursue braces. Here is a look at the benefits of braces and how their cost is determined.


Key Benefits of Getting Braces


Many people seek braces in order to improve their appearance and raise their confidence, but the benefits of braces go far beyond aesthetic correction. For example, patients whose teeth have been corrected have lower risks of oral health problems in the future. When teeth fit together properly, they can more easily break down food so that nutrients are better absorbed. TMJ, a painful disorder affecting the jaw joints, is also less likely to occur after orthodontic treatment.


Factors Involved in the Cost of Braces


So, how much are braces? The cost of braces depends on a number of factors. First, the severity of bite irregularities present affects how much treatment is required, impacting treatment costs as a result. When patients require dental extractions or restorative work in preparation for getting braces, these additional procedures will also raise the total cost. Finally, the type of braces that patients choose plays a major role in how much treatment costs.


How much are braces going to cost? The answer to this question depends mainly on the factors listed above, but patients who visit our orthodontist for braces can often choose from multiple treatment options to match their preferences and budget. To learn more about the cost of braces and discuss available options, patients can schedule a consultation with our orthodontist.