Having braces does not mean that you have to settle for wearing highly visible metal brackets and wires for a year or longer. In fact, many orthodontic treatment options are made with clear or tooth-colored materials to ensure discreet, aesthetic alternatives to traditional braces. If you are a candidate for orthodontic treatment, it is time to call our orthodontist and ask about clear bracket braces.


When it comes to clear braces, there are typically two options: clear aligners and clear or tooth-colored brackets. Clear aligners use virtually invisible mouth trays that can be removed as needed. While these are a great option for many patients, they cannot always make certain types of complex movements, which is why clear bracket braces are also available. These types of braces are similar to conventional metal braces, but use clear or tooth-colored brackets rather than the traditional metal brackets. They are typically made of ceramic materials that blend into your smile and sit comfortably against your teeth.


Each clear or tooth-colored bracket is bonded directly to the tooth, and the arch wire is attached to the brackets using special bands. The bands are also typically clear for the most aesthetic results possible. Every few weeks, we will see you in our office to check your progress and adjust your braces. This maintains the pressure necessary to move your teeth. With clear braces, patients can enjoy more private treatment experiences and often feel more confident, since the focus is not on their braces but on their gorgeous smiles.


Clear bracket braces require similar care to conventional braces. You might need to avoid certain foods during treatment to protect the brackets and wires from damage. You may also need to avoid drinks that could stain your braces. Ceramic is highly effective at resisting discoloration, but the bands may absorb some stains over time. Plaque and food debris can build up around the braces and damage your teeth, so you will need to be especially careful each time you brush and floss to remove every trace of buildup.


If you want to learn more about your orthodontic options, call our dentist today and ask about clear bracket braces.