Although braces are one of the most effective orthodontic treatments for people, many teens and adults are hesitant to wear them. Braces typically consist of metal brackets and wires that are attached to tooth surfaces. The wires are periodically adjusted to maintain consistent pressure on teeth, which forces them to move to the correct positions. Braces are highly visible in the mouth during treatment, which can last from eighteen to thirty-six months, and this can cause patients to feel self-conscious or embarrassed. Our orthodontist offers clear braces as a more discreet alternative. Call us today to find out if clear orthodontics is an option for you.


An increasing number of adults are turning to orthodontic treatment, and the good news is that anyone whose teeth and gums are healthy can be a candidate. Clear braces and metal braces are virtually identical with one big difference: the brackets are almost invisible. Each bracket is made of tooth-colored ceramic material that blends into the color of the enamel for a more private treatment experience. Clear bands are used to attach the wires to the brackets, which means that you can smile with confidence throughout your orthodontic process. Our orthodontist can get you started on the road to a straight smile without any bulky or unsightly metal braces.


During treatment with clear braces, you might need to avoid certain foods and drinks. Popcorn, gum, whole apples, and whole carrots can damage the wires and brackets of your braces. The ceramic used to make the brackets is designed to resist stains, but the bands may absorb dyes from soda, energy drinks, wine, and other common beverages, meaning you may need to limit your consumption during treatment. Be sure to brush after meals to keep plaque under control and remove food debris from your brackets. Use floss threaders or interdental cleaners to clean carefully between teeth at least once a day, and schedule regular cleanings at least two times a year, or more often as needed.


Call our orthodontist today to learn more about how clear braces can improve your smile or to schedule your consultation at our dental office.