Braces are one of the most versatile orthodontic treatments. They can be used to treat maloccluded bites and misaligned teeth, and improve the overall look of your smile and oral health. You can schedule your appointment with our orthodontist today to find out if braces are the right choice for you. If you are an adult or are just not interested in wearing conventional metal braces, you might be a candidate for ceramic braces.


Unlike metal braces, ceramic braces use ceramic brackets, which are both tough and stain-resistant. The ceramic brackets are customized to fit your teeth, and each bracket is bonded to the surface before the arch wire is attached using clear bands. Periodically, the wires are adjusted, which maintains the steady pressure needed to shift teeth. Each orthodontic treatment plan is individualized, and treatment time can vary based on your needs. At your consultation, our dentist will explain how long you will need to wear your braces. This may be from twelve to thirty-six months depending on the severity of your orthodontic problems and your goals.


There are many benefits to choosing ceramic braces, including:


  1. Greater oral comfort

The ceramic is biocompatible, which means it will not irritate your gums. This results in greater oral comfort and a lower risk of pain during treatment.


  1. Improved aesthetics

The ceramic brackets are semi-translucent and can be made in the same color as your teeth. They blend in well with your smile, making them a great choice for busy professionals or image-conscious patients.


  1. Strength and durability

Our dental ceramic is high-quality. Although metal is considered the standard, ceramic brackets are built to last and will not break, chip, or fracture under normal conditions.


Having a properly aligned smile offers many benefits. A great smile can give you a boost of self-confidence, but it can also be easier to clean, which means that you can reduce your risk of tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease with good dental hygiene. By eliminating any malocclusion you have, you can take pressure off your jaw and eliminate abnormal wear, which reduces the risk of injury and TMJ disorders. Call our dental office today to learn more about straightening your smile with ceramic braces or to schedule your appointment with our dentist.