Orthodontic problems can interfere with your ability to chew, increase the risk of speech problems, and detract from the appearance of your smile. Some severe orthodontic problems can even affect your overall facial appearance. The average treatment time is about two years, but can take from twelve to thirty-six months depending on your needs. Many adults and teens are unwilling to wear traditional wire braces for this long, but you might have another option. Our orthodontist may recommend braces behind teeth. Call us today to learn if you are a candidate for this special option.


Also known as lingual braces, braces behind teeth are designed to attach to the back, or tongue side, of the teeth. This makes them virtually invisible, eliminating one of the biggest complaints of many orthodontics patients. There are several types of lingual braces, but most are customized to fit your teeth precisely. The brackets are smaller than normal metal braces and may also be flatter, as well. Once the brackets are attached, the arch wires are connected to the brackets. Our orthodontist can help you choose the best lingual braces for your needs.


There are many benefits to choosing braces behind teeth, including:


  1. Virtual invisibility, allowing you to show off nothing but your naturally beautiful smile throughout treatment


  1. Comfort, thanks to smaller bracket size and reduced soft tissue irritation


  1. Fast treatment time


  1. Consistent results


  1. Versatility


During treatment, you will need to return to our dental office periodically to have your braces adjusted and your progress monitored. Because lingual braces are similar to conventional braces, they can be used to treat virtually the same orthodontic problems. We can use them to treat overbites, crossbites, underbites, spacing issues, and crowding.


Crooked teeth are associated with tooth decay, periodontal disease, headaches, jaw pain, and an increased risk of dental trauma. Call our dental office today to learn more about how braces behind teeth can improve your smile or to schedule your appointment with our dentist.