Braces can improve oral appearance, comfort, chewing ability and health for patients of all ages. However, not everyone is a candidate for every type of braces. For this reason, patients must ask the question, “Am I a candidate for braces?” Here is the answer to that question and a look at how braces can benefit recipients.



Who Is a Candidate for Braces?


“Am I a candidate for braces?” In order to answer that question, it is necessary to review the list of patients who may benefit from orthodontics. Children, teens and adults can all gain better health and quality of life through correction of underbite, overbite, open bite and overcrowding. In younger patients at high risk of poor oral development, braces can also help guide the teeth and jaws into normal positions.



Benefits of Getting Braces


Whether patients choose metal braces, ceramic braces or invisible braces, they receive numerous benefits beyond improved appearance. Braces correct the positions of crooked teeth and eliminate overcrowding, thus reducing risks of gum disease and tooth decay. Improved digestion results from better ability to chew food. Finally, patients are more comfortable and less likely to develop painful TMJ disorders in their jaw joints.


“So, am I a candidate for braces?” You may very well be eligible for braces, but you will have to consult with our orthodontist to determine which treatments will best suit your needs. After having your teeth corrected, you may find that you have more confidence and are eager to show off your brilliant new smile. Schedule a consultation with our orthodontist to learn more about candidacy for braces.