Patients can choose from several braces colors as they have their teeth corrected. Depending on the types of braces chosen by patients, available colors can include clear, tooth-colored or any color of the rainbow. Here is more about the color options available to patients who visit our dentist for braces.



Types of Braces and Available Colors


While metal braces allow patients to choose bands of different colors to hold the wires on their brackets, other orthodontic treatments offer alternative color selections. For example, patients who choose Invisalign will display only the color of their teeth because the aligners are virtually invisible and are resistant to discoloration. While ceramic braces are colored to match the tint of teeth, they also allow color band selection like metal braces.



Advice on Choosing Colors


Patients with metal and ceramic braces can express themselves through their choice of band colors. With darker shades, such as black and navy, patients can make their teeth look whiter during treatment. Patients who want to keep a discreet appearance can opt for braces colors such as gray or clear. When patients want to display their enthusiasm for a sports team, they can ask our orthodontist for bands of the colors matching team uniforms. Of course, patients can also simply choose bands of their favorite colors.


Availability of braces colors depends on the type of braces patients get, with certain types of braces and band colors better for self-expression or discretion. With metal or ceramic braces, patients can choose different colors with each stage of treatment for greater variety. To learn more about the colors possible with different braces, patients can schedule a consultation with our orthodontist.